Learn about this effective and non-invasive treatment.

What is Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive method for rebalancing the central nervous system and restoring neuroplasticity in the brain. It is self-corrective and in real-time adjustments to correct old neuropathways into new, more efficient functioning.

The sensors detect brain activity and in a constant feedback loop, identify ineffective, habituated patterns and reset for cleaner/ clearer function. While listening to the music you can hear pops, clicks or pauses which indicates one of these pathways is identified and being restructured. The brain does the work itself without needing outside programing or redirection, the feedback is enough for it to recognize these outmoded pathways and create more efficient neural pathways for improved functioning.

Neurofeedback Therapy Explained

Sensors are placed on ears and scalp and headphones to listen to “spa like music” while the program runs through the tablet. You can work, read, play games or nap. Described as “meditation on steroids” it is very calming.

How We Can Help

Typical protocol is 20 sessions for optimal and sustainable results. Can be administered daily. Most people report noticing some changes after 3-6 sessions if not sooner.

Look for a reduction in negative attributes more than additive benefits, such as less anxiety, less irritability instead of increased energy or happier mood. Most clients report an immediate improvement in sleep.

For me, I find that I sleep better after every session. I find I’m less agitated by daily annoyances and my emotional attachment to stress is significantly reduced- for instance when I open my email and see 50 new emails rather than panic and experience immediate anxiety, I can calmly tackle them one by one. I don’t feel like everything at work depends on me, I don’t have to own it and be overwhelmed by it.